About me

Ralf Klis


I call myself a digital ninja, but for many I am their web consultant. I spent most of my life in front of the screen. Computers, mobiles, tablets, I do live in digital world. In a few words I help companies to achieve the most of their digital presence. I am a consultant, programmer, certified project manager and blogger. I'm also Polish what you should have picked up by now. I live in New Zealand where I own a company called FutureLab - a digital agency that is an extension of my own abilities. FutureLab is a group of young and talented people working together and executing the best of web. That's me. Want to hear a long and boring story? Carry on reading.

Ralf's story

It starts back in 1990 when my parents bought me Atari computer. My passion kicked off with simple games like Asteroids or Pong. And by playing young me was always bothered how do they do that. How moving and clicking a joystick makes everything work. My passion carried on through basic computer lessons with Macintosh, my first PC 486 DX4 and secondary school where my major was electronics.

It was 2001 when I was 17 and I had to decide what do I do with my life. By then I could do basic programming and dos configurations. I could take PC apart and put it back together. Obviously whatever I would do it was meant to be with computers. So I went to uni to study Computer Science. 

I am old enough to be part of old education system. My Uni didn't have 3/2 years system - you could do only masters or 4 years engineering course. I studied for 5 years to finish with Master in Science in Computer science degree in 2007. By the end of Uni I already had 2 years working experience and I chose what I'm going to do. I was going to be a web developer.

My career was a bit crazy at the time. Straight after University I joined the biggest web-corpo in town - the dream of every young programmer. In only 3 years I went through web developer, senior web developer, IT architect for mobile web and project manager for R&D. By then I knew I can't be just 1, I have to be everything. I have to know a lot, I have to know how to talk to people, how to do what they want and how to do it well. 

A big step in my life happened in 2010 when I moved to New Zealand. For kiwis Poland doesn't mean anything so my experience and education was equal with those from Zimbabwe. I started as a programmer but it took me only 1 year to prove my skills and knowledge. I started my own business in 2011 with $500 in my pocket. I was contracted in many big New Zealand companies up to 2014 when I decided that I do work only from home. And I will hire someone to grow web ideas with me. By the end of 2015 FutureLab digital agency consist of 5 people and grows almost 100% every year.

What about me? I still do everything with computers. Nothing has changed. I do a lot of programming and project management. I blog in Polish and English. I grow my company and I consult businesses about their online presence. I'm entering the world of public speaking too, and I still feel that this is just a beginning!